Bespoke luxury furniture

Bespoke luxury furniture

Faber supplies designers and architects with its technical know-how, to translate your projects into reality through high quality customized luxury furniture.

From the development of an idea to the definition of the guidelines, our services follow the various phases of the creative and executive process for the realization of any project.

  • Turnkey constructions

    Turnkey constructions

    Backed by a network of serious and reliable suppliers, Faber offers its customers a 100% turnkey service: You just have to explain your project to us, we'll take care of the rest.

  • Customized ad hoc production for furniture

    Customized ad hoc production for furniture

    Thanks to our expertise in the processing of materials, we know how to propose ad hoc solutions to create a piece of furniture that is unique in the world.

  • Sample making

    Sample making

    The certainty of the result is important for us at Faber: for this reason we create samples for each piece of furniture to give the customer a preview of what will be produced.

  • Variety of materials available

    Variety of materials available

    The great variety of materials that we make available allows us to deal with each project, allowing the customer to interface with a single interlocutor.

    The technical support to transform your vision into customized design furniture.

    Whit its precious support in the implementation of technical drawings, Faber allows you to transform each project into reality, without surprises.

    Let our experience guide you in finding the most suitable technical solution for your project, perfect for reducing costs and increasing quality.

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    • Design and Development

      Design and Development

      In the design and development phase, we create various prototypes by combining 3D CAD modeling with the technical experience of our craftsmen, who are able to work materials flawlessly.

    • High-end finishes

      High-end finishes

      Strengthened by the technical know-how of our craftsmen, we take care of every detail of the finishes by hand to create exclusive details, and make our furniture unique and unrepeatable pieces, capable of 100% respecting the customer's idea.



      Our tailor-made service allows you to choose the complete customization of a catalog item, or the creation ex novo of any product from the customer's idea.

      We have the ability to turn design into reality.


      To create high-quality custom-made furniture, an excellent mastery of each production technique is not enough: for this reason, our skilled craftsmen offer the best skills in working with different materials.

      • Wood processing

        Wood processing

        Faber offers the best know-how in the creation of custom-made wooden furniture. Our custom-made wooden furnishings go through continuous checks to guarantee excellence to the customer.

      • Glass processing

        Glass processing

        To offer you a 100% turnkey service, we support you in glass processing, creating high quality details and finishes that integrate perfectly with the wooden parts.

      • Fabric and Metal processing

        Fabric and Metal processing

        Every detail of your project is fundamental: for this Faber also takes care of the creation of the fabric and metal parts, so as not to place limits on our ability to transform any vision into reality.