Faber Mobili

  • Luxury Bespoke Furniture

    Luxury Bespoke Furniture

    Since 1984, Faber has been developing personalized luxury projects and furnishings, realizing the visions of architects and designers who are looking for unique products of the highest quality.

  • Full compliance with budget and deadlines

    Full compliance with budget and deadlines

    Thanks to over thirty years of experience, Faber combines the knowledge of materials with the skilful mastery of manufacturing techniques, to guarantee excellent results in full compliance with deadlines and budgets.

  • Not just wood for your environments

    Not just wood for your environments

    We customize your furniture using any type of wood, metal, resin, stone, fabric and leather. The constant support of our experts will guide you in choosing the best materials, perfectly able to achieve the result you desire.


    For almost 40 years, Faber has been making high-quality custom-made furniture, bringing the know-how of the Venetian artisan tradition to the world.

    To date, Faber's creations are located in over 50 countries around the world, with 70 skilled craftsmen at your service and 20 dedicated exclusively to the finishing process.

    Who we are


    A team of experts to serve your idea



      From the development of an idea to the definition of the smallest detail, our service respects precise stages of a creative and executive process, which guarantees the realization of any project.



      To ensure full compliance with timelines, we rely on the experience of our master craftsmen, who expertly work all kinds of materials and will be able to guide you in choosing a unique product.

    • design and development

      design and development

      At the design stage, we develop various prototypes by combining 3D CAD modeling with the know-how of our craftsmen to best respect your vision and meet all your needs.

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      Let's make something awesome together.

      Tell us about your project: we will be happy to put ourselves at your complete disposal to turn it into reality.

      Let's make something awesome together.

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        Daniele Tessa

        "I have been a satisfied customer of Faber Mobili since the early years of the century. Yesterday I received the one-door Louis XVI display cabinet belonging to the Versailles collection. The piece of furniture was made to perfection and to measure..."

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        Pierpaolo Freschi

        “Our personal thanks to all the Faber staff, with a special mention to Marco Scalabrini...”

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        Debora Affidato

        "Very high quality company. Attentive to raw materials, attention to detail and above all to customer needs. I have used them several times and I must say I have never been disappointed. Furniture made to perfection and of the highest quality"

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        Lucy & Gigi

        “Even though 18 years have passed since our first purchase...”

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        Tiziana Capobianchi

        "Faber mobili, thank you for the professionalism, accuracy and dedication with which you created our customized furniture...a special thank you goes to the sales manager Marco Scalabrini, for being..."

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        Marika Zanotti

        “Professionalism and courtesy distinguishes Faber Mobili and its sales director Marco Scalabrini. Thank you with all my heart!"

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        Diego Morisi

        Great quality, availability, courtesy and punctuality!

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        Annalisa Dettori

        "There are various types of furniture on the market, but Faber combines refined design and absolute quality of materials. Helped with professionalism in choosing a custom-made piece of furniture."

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        Estremamente disponibili e professionali. Hanno realizzato delle finiture personalizzate da veri maestri

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        Lucia Locurcio

        Locurcio Arredamenti FG

        “As the great Eduardo used to say: "This piece of furniture is a piece of work!" (Christmas at the Cupiello house). Marvelous!"

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        Federica Milli

        “Faber always a little in my heart!”

      • _block.title

        Lucia Valente

        “You are a beautiful Italian reality, compliments of excellent quality products and finishes.”

      • _block.title

        Dora de Renzis

        "Compliments! It's beautiful!"

      • _block.title

        Alexandra Lobanova

        “It's just perfect! Well done Franco Benassi!!!”

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        Ilaria Ortolani

        “Excellent professionalism, competence and experience...”

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