We turn design into reality

Our exclusive Bespoke furniture and interior design service is dedicated to all professionals seeking inspiration and creative freedom.

We guarantee the ability to create a unique design with your own style thanks to a high-level custom service:

  • Design flexibility
  • Custom Materials and Finishes
  • A finely executed product created to last over time

We create the furniture of your dreams

We are a team of creative people, strengthened by more than 30 years of experience in the production of Bespoke furniture and environments.

We offer our clients a vast selection of fine raw materials: we will be able to recommend the best woods, metals, fabrics and glass combined with the skilled workmanship of our craftsmen, to ensure the result you desire down to the smallest detail.

Choose your product, your design, your accessories and finishes, and create, with the support of our professionals, your unique design.

  • Master craftsmen

    Master craftsmen

    Why rely on the handcrafted execution of your furniture? Besides the certainty of getting a unique product, you will enjoy the design flexibility that only the hands of a craftsman can give.

  • Technical department

    Technical department

    Our staff will guide you through every stage of the executive design of your furniture, to best respect your vision and meet all your needs.

  • True Bespoke

    True Bespoke

    Our Bespoke service guarantees a product true to your requirements, on time and on budget, with no surprises. Trusting Faber means choosing excellence.

    Our working method

    • 1

      Project analysis

      We analyze with you the project of your home or even that of a single piece of furniture. We understand the style you want, your habits, your tastes, the details, the materials, the finishes, the accessories you want to get the furniture of your dreams.

    • 2

      Price quotation

      The clarity on the estimate has always distinguished us: you will know the value of each element, we will choose the most suitable materials with you to contain costs, you can eventually replace the materials and components to obtain the price of your budget.

    • 3

      on-site measures

      One of our technicians will take the dimensions, thus ensuring that your furniture is perfect for your spaces (service on request).

    • 4

      Samples preparation

      We'll send you photographs and videos and we'll tell you what we're doing for you, but the pleasure you'll feel in touching the exemplary samples we'll prepare will be worth more than any image or story.

    • 5

      Technical design

      Even for the most artistic and original of creations, mastery and technique are essential. Thanks to the graphic design, we will study every single detail, which you can check and modify in the way you deem most appropriate, so that your piece of furniture is exactly as you thought it would be.

    • 6


      This is where the excellence of materials and craftsmanship come into play, for Made in Italy creations that find fulfillment through careful control of each phase, on which you will always be informed.

    • 7


      Among the characteristics that define a piece of furniture in its peculiarity, there are the finishes, precious processes that give a sense of the completeness of the work. Faber Mobili is famous all over the world for its finishes of exceptional quality and imagination.

    • 8

      Pre-assembly and Packing

      Some models of the furniture have parts that can be assembled by us: perfect joints that immediately give us a sense of the style of each piece, which you will be able to see in all its beauty through the photos and videos that we will send you. The care and attention with which we pack every single piece of furniture comes from the love for what we have created. The packaging will be suitable for the type of transport and the place of final delivery.

    • 9


      We can ship our creations all over the world, so you will receive your furniture perfectly intact, thanks to the reliability of our partners and the care taken in the packaging. And everything will always be guaranteed and insured (service on request).

    • 10


      Your spaces will rejoice in the design pieces that we will have created, delivered and assembled at your home, hotel, office or private environment that you have decided to embellish with our exclusive creations! With our assembly service you will be guaranteed a perfect execution in certain times. (service on request)